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  •  I have been working with Mr. Sandesh for the last month, starting 17th May. He has been an outstanding fitness trainer. He helped me understand the impact of each exercise and also inspires me to be regular and eat healthy. He has always been positive and flexible with my gym timings. Under his guidance, I’m quickly achieving my weight goals and hope to continue training with him going forward.”
    – SANDESH, Vile Parle.
  • I started working out a month ago and I can see the difference in me all because of Mayur Sir. He does his job perfectly and makes sure the client is more than satisfied with his training. - Abbas
    – MAYUR, Mumbai Central
  • Hi I’m Leon Moreas. Joining Powerhouse gym was the turning point in my life. Under the guidance of Sachin Sir and dietician Ankita, I lost 22 Kgs and 43 inches just within 5 months. I would recommend them to everyone who wishes to lose weight and change their appearance.                                         –SACHIN, Vile parle 
  • “Are You Ready For A Change?”
    “I don’t know how he does it, but every time I go in to train with Yogesh it’s like the first time all over again. The energy and enthusiasm he has for training is just
    unbelievable. I walk out of my sessions ready to take on the world, and win!”
    – YOGESH, A.K.A, Yogi, JUHU
  • I joined the Power House Gym as a trainee of the Master Trainer, AakashTupe. He has taught me that the overall fitness of the body is the very first thing in body building. His foremost emphasis is on the endurance of the body: "If your body can handle the vigorous Floor Workouts then it can easily handle the pressure of weight-lifting and that will ultimately give way to a Sculpted Body." I thank AakashTupe Sir and the Power House Gym, from the bottom of my heart for so successfully training me. - Dr. Dilip Rajg
    – AAKASH, Mulund
  • In just one month’s training with Viraj Sir I have seen a remarkable improvement in my overall strength and fitness. He not only provided the program but also explained why we were doing things a certain way. How the body burns fats and what make muscle grow. After one month’s PT I have lost 5 Kgs. My body fat percentage has gone from 45% to 25%. I have build skeletal muscle mass and if really great. It’s hard work but it’s worth it. For this, I thank Viraj sir. I would highly recommend him as PT for achieving a perfect body shape.                                                                                                              –VIRAJ, Borivali
  • Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, Mitesh sir has helped me lose 10 Kgs and 30 inches in just a span of 2 months. He knows exactly how& when to encourage& when to push to achieve those results. Such terrific outcome would have never been possible without him. Thank you. – Nisha Gosalia                                                                                                                                                                                                                         –MITESH, Kandivali (W)
    “Iqbal’s a great trainer. He will not give up until I get it. He will explain things 100 different ways using 100 different examples until he finds that connection that makes sense to me. Thanks Iqbal for all your hard work and dedication                                                                                              – IQBAL, A.K.A Gyan Guru
  • Amit si has been a very helpful trainer and I have lost 6 kgs i n 1 month. With the help of his workout my stamina has increased a lot and I would like to thank him for motivating me always. – Robin Chawla                                                                                                                            –AMIT, Versova
  • I had joined Powerhouse Gym 2 months ago and have been working out under the guidance of my trainer Pinank. I have lost a couple of kgs in weight and also a few inches on my waist. Importantly I have gained strength and improved stamina. Pinank my trainer is patience and adds variety to the workout routine. Workouts are no longer boring with him around.                                                                –PINANK, Sher-e-Punjab
  • Amrita ma’am under whose guidance and expertise I have successfully shed those extra kilos and I feel fitter and more active than before. I have realized that having a fitter body helps to live a happy and successful life and will definitely work harder towards it. I personally recommend Amrita ma’am as a personal trainer so that you too can achieve new levels of fitness and lead a healthy and happy life.                                                                                                                               –AMRITA, Kandivali (E)
    “Prashali has provided successful programs and guidance that have taken me from 235 lbs. to a healthy weight of 200 lbs. I have reduced my body fat and gained a considerable amount of strength and lean muscle mass. Her programs give me good direction towards exercise and proper nutrition. The bottom line is, I get results.”
    “Rohan is an excellent trainer. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, patient and supportive. He gives you help and encouragement to move from one level of fitness to another. There’s none of that ridiculous pumping or bullying approach to exercise. It’s fun and relaxing and you learn something new at every session. I heartily recommend him as I lost 3kgs in a month.”
    – ROHAN, A.K.A, Perfectionist, GHATKOPAR
  • Shailendra is the best trainer to train with. For him fitness is his world and he tries to teach me the importance of it. He is a hardworking trainer and the reason I have become regular at the gym.                                                                                                                                –SHAILENDRA, Huges Road
    “He’s a magician. Keeping in mind my habits, lifestyle & goals, Ramesh turned a lazy collegian into the star of his college. You rock bro!”
    – RAMESH, A.K.A, Cardio Express, CHEMBUR
    “The atmosphere here is extremely comfortable & highly encouraging. All the trainers are very helpful, especially, Sandeep Sir, who made me achieve my target in a span of 15 days for my film – Ajintha.”                                                                                                                             –SANDEEP, A.K.A, Braveheart

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