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Q Fitness signed the Master Licensee with Powerhouse Gym (PHG) International for the SAARC region i.e. India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives and Mauritius. In course of time Powerhouse India has 22 locations-20 Corporate owned and 2 Franchise. PHG India plans to add 5 locations this year.

Powerhouse Gym India can provide the following services:

  • Identify the Market as far as demographic, income, clientele, competition, pricing and radius you will pull from.
  • Ensure that the model of the club fits the Market, defining services and amenities.
  • Get dimensions of building, identifying mechanical, plumbing or any permanent fixtures that cannot be moved or cost too much to move. Take that floor plan and work on flow and lay out.
  • Take floor plan and give to Equipment Companies to drop in Equipment and bid out.
  • Ensure the best pricing for the equipment.

Stages of Development

  • Site Selection : Selecting the location for the gym is the most important aspect in gym business. Powerhouse team will help you finalize the site.
  • Business Plan : PHG has 20 successful running gyms in the city of Mumbai. There are many things taken into consideration during initial setup and operations wherein a conscious effort is made to keep costs under control .
  • Lay out-Space Planning : With the real estate space being very expensive PHG India specializes in using space to its optimum level.
  • Recruitment : Has a strong network of trainers with an employee base of more than 100 employees
  • Operational Systems : PHG has its own systems in place which are used for operations.
  • Customer Service : The PHG employees have training sessions where they are taught customer service in detail.
  • Sales : Sales Targets are giving monthly to sales executives along with the incentives if they achieve the targets.
  • Marketing : We have a marketing strategy of being in the face of the people which ensures good walk in’s turning into sales.
  • Pre Sale : During the making of the gym we can start sales and sell memberships.
  • Soft Opening : You can launch the gym in a silent way at this point of time. The gym will be made operational and open for the members to use.
  • Grand Opening : Celebrities should be called for the grand launch which will also be covered by the media.
  • Clothing and Accessories : Powerhouse is rolling out its clothing line with t-shirts,track pants etc. The same can be retailed at the gym making it another profit center.
  • Nutrition and Supplements : Powerhouse Gyms India will guide you regarding the Juice Bar/Cafe and the products to be kept for retail over there.

Powerhouse Gyms International has more than 300 facilities, more than 2 million members worldwide. Powerhouse is dedicated to the mission of being “Simply the Best”. Kindly visit the website www.powerhousegymindia.co.in to get more information.

Powerhouse Gyms India can also manage the gym for you which will be at a percentage on Gross Revenue or at a fixed price per month.

Finally I would like to conclude Powerhouse Gyms India is a very flexible company which understands the Indian market conditions and is ready to adapt to the requirements.

Please feel free to contact me on powerhouse.nilesht@gmail.com for any queries.

Thanking You

Ankush Gupta
CEO-Powerhouse Gym India

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