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Powerhouse Gym will provide its services in the following departments

    • Fitness trainers, nutritionists, aerobics instructors, masseurs/masseuses and other alternative therapists.
    • Fitness assessment and exercise prescription to all employees who will enroll as members of any Powerhouse gym in India. The trainers will implement the exercise prescription that will be given to the members.
    • Training of supervisors / managers who will ultimately (in 3 months’ time) take over the individual fitness assessment and exercise prescription, making us responsible for general supervision of all training functions at all the Powerhouse Gyms.
    • Development of training and safety standards and policies; documentation of fitness assessment and monitoring of training standards and achievement of fitness goals.
    • Selection & Training of Personnel required. All the personnel will be in our employment – while you are the principal, we will work as your contractor.
    • One full time experienced manager from Powerhouse Gym who will help co-ordinate and manage day to day activities of gym.
    • Observation and supervision of trainers to ensure standards. Standardization of training principles to ensure unity of approach.


Outside the scope proposal

Powerhouse Gym will not be responsible for :

  • Finance and Accounts,
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance
  • All salaries of training personnel will be paid on “actuals” basis.
  • The agreement will be valid for a period of one year.

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