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7 Home workouts for a fit body

7 Home workouts for a fit body




7 Home workouts for a Fit Body

 1. Squat

A Squat is a very good structural movement to increase your overall strength, which imitates an action of sitting down and getting up with proper form and technique. To perform a squat starting position is to stand with a shoulder width stance and sit all the way down to the point wherein hip crease (hip joint) goes below the knee joint and then come back to the standing point.

2. Burpee

An amazing functional movement which replicates the action of falling down on the floor on your chest and getting up. Burpee has been considered one of the best exercises to burn fat.

While you fall on the floor first place your palm on the floor and kick both the legs back at the same time and lie down on the floor with thighs and chest touching the floor and get up by kicking both the legs in front, stand up jump and then clap 

3. Tuck jumps

It imitates the action of jumping and getting both the knee towards your chest.  A very good functional and cardiovascular system workout.

4.      4.  Hindu push ups

Our very own Hindu push-up is one of the highly appreciated workouts in all over the world to increase your overall body strength and muscular endurance.

You should start with a push-up position then you go behind by bending your knees and come forward and touch your chest to the floor and then do the back extension and then keep repeating this until you fail.

5.      5.  Lunges

It is the best workout to train the balancing muscles of our body and it involves core immensely.

A lunge imitates an action of stepping forward and stepping back.

You should start it with shoulder width stance and get your right leg front and bend your both knee simultaneously and start going towards the floor until you reach the point till your back leg touches the floor, then come back to the start position. Repeat it with you left leg in front next time and vice verse.

6.     6.  Planks

It is the workout which will play a huge role in pulling your tummy in. Plank trains your transverse abdominal which is the only muscle which is only muscle to hold your intestine inside.  If your transverse abdominal is stronger then it will have more capacity to hold the organs inside and maintain a flat tummy.

So, never miss doing a plank in your workout programming.

7.       7. Jumping jacks

Considered as one of the best workouts to train your cardiovascular system.  Starting position of the workout is to stand with both the feet together and hands down and then you have to jump and land with the wider stance and clap over your head.










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