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4 Best TRICEPS Workout

4 Best TRICEPS Workout




4 Best TRICEPS workout

1. Cable triceps extensions 

Cable Triceps Extension has been considered as one of the best the exercise for triceps hypertrophy.

This exercise requires a cross cable machine or a latpull down machine. Starting position of this exercise is to stand with a hip width stance and elbow are bent and close to the body and bar is in your hand in false thumb grip position. Then you pull cable towards the ground by moving only your elbow joint. Pull the cable down until you reach the point where your elbows are completely straight, then slowly bend your elbows and get into the start position, repeat it until you achieve your target reps.


2. Diamond Push-ups

You start with push position but the positioning of the hand differs in this exercise where the hands are placed close to each other. Both the thumbs and index figures come in contact and make a shape of the diamond. 

Then bend your elbow and get the chest close to the ground and straighten your elbows and squeeze your triceps muscle on your way up. Repeat the movement until you reach your desired number of the reps.


3. Triceps dips 

This is one old school exercise to train your triceps which is very mush effective to increase your triceps strength and size. In this exercise,

you have to keep your hand on the bench which is at your back side. Bent the hip joint to maintain the upright position of the upper body and knees fully extended. Now slowly bend your elbow and lower your body. Go down till the point till your elbow reaches 90-degree angle.


4. Parallel bar dips

Stand in front of the sets of the parallel bar and then jump and catch the bar with your elbows locked up. Make sure the feet are not touching the floor.Then start bending your elbow and keep them bending until your elbows are perpendicular to each other by maintaining the upright position of the upper body, From that point reach the starting point and repeat till you get the desired number of reps.



3 rounds 

15 reps of each variation

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